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Welcome to Groves Elementary

Welcome to Groves Elementary, proudly serving grades K-4 in Wylie ISD. As a vibrant community of learners, we empower one another to achieve excellence, overcome challenges and positively influence the world. At Groves, we are committed to honoring Roddy V. Groves' legacy by supporting the social, emotional, and academic growth of every student. We believe that building successful scholars requires strong partnerships with our families and the broader community. Together, we strive to create an environment where every child can thrive and reach their fullest potential.

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From games and performances to board meetings and district holidays, discover the many events happening in and around Groves Elementary.

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Groves Elementary students and staff are truly remarkable, and we take pride in highlighting their accomplishments and achievements. Read the great news happening in our school and district.

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Learn what students, staff, families, and community members love most about Groves Elementary and Wylie ISD and the positive impact our district has made on their lives.

  • Staff Member
Ariel Hamilton
Something that I love about Wylie ISD, and specifically Groves Elementary is that the Groves family and community embraces and advocates for students with all kinds of abilities. I love being a part of a family that is constantly looking for ways to become more inclusive!
Ariel Hamilton


  • Staff Member
Helens Guillen-Morales
I was given the opportunity to start my career as a teacher here. I started as a substitute in 2023, and then hired on as a kindergarten teacher that summer. I have been mentored and shaped to be the best that I can be. I'm still learning and growing every day. I am just extremely thankful for all of the tools that I have been given by Wylie ISD to grow.
I finished my first year of teaching in May of 2024, and received staff member of the month at my campus. I couldn't have done it without those people around me building me up! I'm so grateful to be part of Wylie ISD.
Helens Guillen Roblero


  • Staff Member
Meagan Wendt
I love how supported I have felt as an educator. From the campus level to the district level- people care! My principal's have helped me grow and become a leader, but also district staff in Leadership Academies. They believe and they help you become a better you!
Meagan Wendt